Aruba's sustainable energy future is a challenging balancing act

The Green vs. Green workshop gathered professionals from a wide range of industries together with students from the University of Aruba and Colegio EPI, all who accepted the challenge of developing a proposition of an optimal energy mix for Aruba, while keeping in mind fundamental aspects such as reliability, affordability and sustainability.

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'Sunrise Solar Park' one of the biggest solar parks in the Caribbean Region

To further raise the sustainability bar in the Aruban energy mix, WEB Aruba N.V recently was handed over 92.000 square meter of land, which was previously owned by the Refinery of Aruba ('RDA'), following the contract signing of a 5.9 megawatt solar project with partner ISOTRON and the official groundbreaking of the 'Sunrise Solar Park' in the east side of the island of Aruba in Lago Heights, San Nicolas.

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