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Green Aruba VII

Thank You - Masha Danki


Since 2010, Green Aruba has served as an exceptional platform to showcase Aruba's progress in sustainable energy transition. Most importantly, this conference has made it possible for other countries, institutions and experts from all over the world to share valuable information, knowledge, experiences and best practices. Together we have helped each other to overcome challenges and reach our common goals on the path of transformation to a sustainable energy mix.

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The Green Aruba conference grows each year in its global audience outreach. Last year the conference attracted approximately 450 delegates including government officials, utilities executives, private sector representatives, NGOs and UN agencies from 42 different countries. Join us at this year's conference and network with other sustainability professional's to reach your sustainable goals.

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Meet Our Main Sponsors

Each year Green Aruba continues to grow and bring forth knowledge in renewable energy and sustainability. We are able to do this with the continuous support and commitment of our partners and sponsors who believe in the same goal that Green Aruba has. Meet our partners for this year's Green Aruba conference:

Nu Capital Windpark Vaderpiet Bright Capital Partners

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